Tuesday, August 30, 2011

River Market WOW

I went in tonight for dealer work night at River Market and was blown away by the window. This is my kinda stuff!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Eccentricities at the Mission Road Antique Mall

Since I took on a new space at the River Market Antique Mall this month, I decided to consolidate my space at Mission Road. I was there most of yesterday moving out of one area and fluffing the smaller space.

Love this painted tin ceiling tile section.

I pulled a grouping a pictures together on the wall and just kind of filled it out a bit. I'll be shopping for new goodies next weekend to add to the space - it's a never-ending cycle for us addicts, you know!

And while I was moving out the second load, a couple inquired about the piano leg I had just brought home! We made the exchange and now Shelly will be making a table out of this stunning piece. So glad for both of us that I was in the right place at the right time!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Won!

Thanks to Gayle from A Vintage Green Life for these fabulous tintype earrings!!!

Gayle entered my name in the drawing, so it was such a nice surprise to get her email about my having won the earrings! And Gayle has the same love of all things old. I love that she identified where the tintypes came from and who these mysterious people are. Thanks again, Gayle!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finally Got a Grown Up Bed

Jason and I are not tiny people and we've slept on a full sized bed forever. Finally got a big one, HUGE is more like it!

Fell in love with this one from Ethan Allen and never did find another I liked as much. Since most of my furniture come from the thrift store, I don't feel guilty!

And switching gears. I was at the River Market dealer night on Tuesday and found this awesome board full of keys in Greg's booth on the second floor. He always has the best stuff!! And how cool - he gave me some fabulous candlestick lamps that are now on the night stands in my bedroom. Yeah!

The Life Form Bra bust I've been stalking for months is finally mine.

My latest chalk kewpie.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Funky Junky

I've picked up some fun stuff lately, including this rubber French gas mask. I knew when I bought it that my husband wouldn't let it go to my antique mall booths.

I was bored with the entryway table I had and replaced it with my little gray vanity. I'm really excited!

Another thing I knew wouldn't make it to the mall. Jason loves antique pics of men with crazy beards. A premonition of how he'll look someday!

I'm collecting class pics and pics of fraternities, sororities, high school bands, etc. This is the graduating class of 1946 at a local KC institution, Pembroke Country Day School.

This class includes Don Hall of Hallmark Cards.

Fun pillow I picked up at Jane Hosey-Stern's awesome store, Junque Drawer Studio in Olathe at College and Ridgeview Road.

Many Catholic families had a sick call outfit in their home so when someone was circling the drain, the priest could come in and perform last rites. Once again, I knew Jason wouldn't let it go.

Some new styling of the mantle, although I am not ready to change out my pic of the old, unknown couple.

More class/group pics. I was saving these for the bedroom, but have them in the kitchen for now.

Got a couple from Donnie Volkart, my favorite dealer at River Market who has since gone to Uncommon Objects in Austin. Good luck, Donnie!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Great Escape

Today was a super shitty day at work. But dealer work night at River Market gave me a chance to unwind.

This is a Lamoureux Mannequin. They were made in the 30's out of human hair and plaster. I just love her face.

Porcelain letters say it all . . .

Fab Flamenco pics in what else? Velvet, of course.

Last week, this suitcase housed another mannequin. She was so pretty, but collected dust at the other mall I'm in. She lasted for about an hour at the River Market.

I am digging these tiered plant stands. It's actually made up of two quarter round pieces.

Very chippy, vintage flower cart. Reminds me of something I'd see in Mary Poppins.

I couldn't resist this coin changer.

If you click on the pic to blow it up, you'll see that this is indeed a casket locking key. Tough not to hold on to this one.


Yes, that's a Juice King.

I'm sure if I had an entire store to buy for, stock, and style it would seem like a job, but for now, having two small spots in two malls is just what the doctor ordered for the stress.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Went in search this weekend to new places in hopes of scoring some unique finds for the booths.

Had a blast and ended up finding some incredibly swoon-worthy stuff. I loved just about everything in this dealer's space!

Same with this dealer. I really appreciate artfully styled spaces filled with awesome loot.

Isn't this chaise just the cutest?!

Pics coming soon of what I actually came home with. I feel like I'm really turning a corner in my ability to recognize the unique. Now the trick is finding it at a price you can work with AND finding things your customers will love as much as you do - and love it enough to buy. So many lessons learned in such a short time in the junk biz!