Monday, June 16, 2014

Landscaping Clean Up

I've neglected posting my recent home improvement projects because the mosaics biz is so busy, but I did take some pictures of the landscaping today.  Before the gardener did her work, the landscaping was full of weeds and grass.  She did a great job shaping everything up, cutting in the ivy, and planting bushes.  Suburban Lawn and Garden planted a couple of trees for us today.  It's really nice to see it looking good again!  If you're in the Kansas City area, call Bev the Gardener at 816-807-1008.  We've already scheduled her for maintenance and are thinking of our next project(s)!

New pavers installed up the hose to match existing pavers.

Fire star hydrangea tree to replace a lilac tree we lost in a winter storm.

I'm loving the sharp cut in with the ivy along the walkways.