Sunday, September 26, 2010

Living Room Wow

I wrote in the last post about being inspired by the latest issue of Country Living and some great charcoal walls.

I haven't been able to figure out what to do with my living room since I moved in over a year ago. Light? Dark? Wallpaper? Plain?

All I did know was that the glossy cream had to go. I hate glossy paint on a wall.

I love to paint, in part because you can completely transform a space in a matter of hours. This is my living room "after".

Deep, warm charcoal walls and darker accents than what I'm used to incorporating, but I love it.

I got the old oil painting yesterday. It has some holes in it and has seen some miles, but that's why I like it so much.

I might keep the cabinet and paint it chocolate brown, another Country Living inspiration with the charcoal walls. And I thought I'd take a large old gold mirror from my booth home, but I found this one yesterday, a score at only $60!

It has a great green gold patina.

And the minnow seine adds some design interest to the space.

The old school lockers I found last week blend well with the darker gray.

I bought one gallon too many, even with the two coats, but I have plans that just might include a master bedroom makeover. That will be next weekend's project.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Visions of Design Ideas Dance in My Head

The latest issue of Country Living has really got me thinking. They featured a home with deep matte charcoal walls and I could feel myself turn green with envy. Then I thought, why the hell not?! I've struggled with my living room since moving in a year ago, going back and forth about the color and I've decided I'm going to go for it! It's just paint, right?

I've been doing some internet digging and have found some great inspiration. This foyer is striking.

{Image found here}

This room has that true French vibe I'll be going for.

{Image found here}

{Image found here}

I found this deer head at the Mission Road Antique Mall last week and think it would be a great addition to the room. I also have a huge old gold mirror in the booth that I'm thinking about taking out and using as a focal point.

And how cool is this old gym locker?! I found it this week and it's really tall; it towers above my 6' tall husband. I'll also go in search of a perfectly banged up settee tomorrow - I can hardly wait!!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Spooky Soaps and Other Fun Stuff

My new batch of creepy Halloween soap arrived today from my buddy Sharon. What goes better with the scent of fresh linen than squishy spiders and rats?!

And a few more treasures that I'll bring to the booth tomorrow.

Sweet pic with a great frame.

Love love love an old crucifix.

Squatty art deco-ish tea pot.

And beautiful mirror. I also picked up a great old set of gym lockers but no room in the Saturn to pick those up today. Is it weird that my dream car is a mini van with seats that retract into the floor? I am over 40 now, I suppose. Yikes!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grey Gardens

Last night was the Grey Gardens theme party and the Little Edie costumes did not disappoint!

Cynthia, in all her fabulousness, won the most votes for best costume.

Dawn and Eve looking elegant.

Mother-daughter Laura and Deb with Deb in her adaptation of "Big Edie".

Suzie and Gina. I got such a kick out of Suzie's flag. You'd have to see the real Little Edie routine to know why.

Leah was adorable and looked like she came right out of the 1920's.

Michelle, Mel, and Katie.

elle looking amazing - she did such a wonderful job on the food!!

Jas and me.

Nina in the fur she got a few weeks ago at Sparks especially for the occasion.

elle's lemon wedge jello shots were a party fave.

elle's white trash food selection.

Not sure that caviar on deviled eggs qualifies as white trash!

And I had so much fun setting the scene.

I'm already thinking up my next party theme - maybe Royal Tenenbaums where we all dress like Margo Tenenbaum? The possibilities are endless!

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Goodies!!!

I stopped off at a couple of my favorite haunts recently and picked up some more goodies for the booth.

The brass lighting pieces were from a chandelier and look kind of goth hanging over the side of this old pram. And speaking of the pram, I have some tricks up my sleeve for a Halloween display that may be too over the top for Mission Road. River Market Antique Mall, watch out, my wheels are spinnin' (one project at a time, Kelly, one project at a time)!

Antlers, anyone?

And here are some shots from the booth with everything in place. When I walked in, everything had been stripped off of my vanity, but putting it all back together again was fun and I did some rearranging.

My new golden maiden looks great hanging out in the birdbath and the chalk horse and cauldron full of antlers on the farm table are a good Halloween asthetic; not sure how I'm going to explain that after Halloween since that's just me 3-6-5!

Doll baby head under glass, anyone?

Stay tuned for pics of my Grey Gardens party!!! I don't call by blog and business Eccentricities for nothin' baby.