Friday, September 10, 2010

Latest Finds

I had time for some quick shopping today and ran across this very large, very cool wire basket.

I'm going to try flipping it upside down, hanging it by wire in the center of my booth, and draping stained cheese cloth across the bottom for more funky Halloween punch.

This Jesus pic is comprised of the most vivid, pretty blue background.

Rusty hand rakes and a wooden black box.

I'm not usually a fan of electric clocks, but I loved these all grouped together and a couple of them are made of wood.

I've already amassed a few amber bottles and here are some large ones to add to the pile.

And the greatest tangerine slipper chair with casters on the bottom. This chair is in great shape and is the cutest, smallest size.

I trip across quite a few milk crates and I always love em', but this one has quite a bit of twisted metal to it - pretty unique and a great design element.

This chippy cream stool unfolds at the bottom so I can use the steps as shelves. If I can find room in the booth, that is! I'm already wishing I had more space.

These are priced and will probably go into the booth on Sunday. Never enough hours in the day!

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  1. You bet yer butte girl, would love to have ya come!!! I think it could really be a fun event, so I'll spend my winter finding good dealers... like you!!!

    I'm drooling over the dolls in your etsy shop...SWEET!!!