Monday, September 13, 2010

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

I was putting some things in the booth last night and recognized a long lost friend. I met Scott at Restoration hardware around 2001 and he and his significant other, Jeff, moved to Arizona and we lost touch. Jeff walked right by my booth last night and I flipped out to see that Scott was right behind him!!!!! Strangely enough, they were in the mall right after trying to find my old house. This was their first visit since they moved to Arizona 8 years ago!!! Talk about a small world story. I will never lose touch again!!

I got my giant basket hung and really like the strips of cheesecloth hanging down, even if they get caught in my hair as I walk by.

I couldn't perfectly center it because the drop ceiling supports were wonky, but is anything in my booth meant to be centered? No.

Can't remember if I photographed this cute lil' corner shelf in French grey, my signature color.

And I met the coolest dealer named Linda last night. This little chalk kewpie WAS in her booth. Welcome to the family, weird little alien looking chalk kewpie; you're gonna fit right in!!!!

I wish I had super high ceilings for stuff like this deer head.

More scenes from my favorite spaces.

And as I was wandering, I tripped across a case and isn't it funny - I knew exactly whose it was before I even saw the cards, Gail Tritten, one of my faves. How cool is that, someone with styling talents so fab they speak for themselves . . .

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