Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grey Gardens

Last night was the Grey Gardens theme party and the Little Edie costumes did not disappoint!

Cynthia, in all her fabulousness, won the most votes for best costume.

Dawn and Eve looking elegant.

Mother-daughter Laura and Deb with Deb in her adaptation of "Big Edie".

Suzie and Gina. I got such a kick out of Suzie's flag. You'd have to see the real Little Edie routine to know why.

Leah was adorable and looked like she came right out of the 1920's.

Michelle, Mel, and Katie.

elle looking amazing - she did such a wonderful job on the food!!

Jas and me.

Nina in the fur she got a few weeks ago at Sparks especially for the occasion.

elle's lemon wedge jello shots were a party fave.

elle's white trash food selection.

Not sure that caviar on deviled eggs qualifies as white trash!

And I had so much fun setting the scene.

I'm already thinking up my next party theme - maybe Royal Tenenbaums where we all dress like Margo Tenenbaum? The possibilities are endless!

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