Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eccentricities at the Mission Road Antique Mall

Thanks to my husband and my fabulous friends elle and Nina because there is NO WAY I could have pulled off this booth space without you!!

The picture above is of one corner after some fast re-staging because an awesome customer, Mandy, snatched up this French Grey dresser!! And that's not all! Nina sold my funky tree while she was wheeling it into my space. I am off to a good start!

And not only did my friends help with the moving, unpacking, and styling, they were also life savers with the painting.

I didn't like this green with yellowy trim . . .

So we replaced it with light French Grey and crisp white trim, much more my speed.

And we moved loads and loads and loads of stuff. I thought it would never end!

Wall pockets made of bed springs, an old magazine, and Spanish moss.

I found this amazing mirror last weekend. We all thought it was the find of the day, I just hope that three nails does the trick because it's HEAVY!

I love the way Nina piled up these old suitcases.

I have a large coffee table that will match the orange side table once I'm finished painting it. Not sure I have the room!
And I delivered this piece to Amaze today. This youth desk was a mess and needed some TLC.

And after . . . the color is Americana by Beher and I think it really works on the little desk and chair.

Too tired to paint tonight. Friday is another junkin' trip so more treasures coming soon!

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