Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Mission Road Antique Mall Pics

I'm glad I live close to the mall because there will be many deliveries of new stuff and much rearranging going on. Too bad they don't have a dealer work night! This large chalk horse is one of my very favorite recent finds, but I do love chalk!!

Small religious picture

And a larger one
This mirror is really cool. I tried hanging it by a nail in the booth but it really shouldn't go there unless it's properly mounted. I love the crinkly lines through the mirror and the patina on the metal.

I'm a sucker for old scales and have quite a collection of them at home. The black and white urn was made in Greece and of course, I had to throw in a doll leg.

This is the greatest ice bucket, especially around Halloween. "Name Your Poison"

I found this dress form last weekend and just love the blue and gray. I am the kind of girl who firmly believes that you just can't have enough dress forms.

Chalk Victorian woman jewelry box and the silhoutte is made of felt.

I set out last weekend to find a funky Halloween cauldron and am digging this rusty one. I've already sold a set of the antlers.

I sold my last fencing mask on Etsy. I just love these!

And aren't these chipped and rusting wrought iron penguins fun? Cooler weather is just around the corner!

And this composite bear is just the right amount of scuffed up. Please visit booth 209 in the Mission Road Antique mall. More treasures coming soon.

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