Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Return to the Cowtown Mallroom and a Little Birthday Cheer

Last weekend, I took another trip to the Cowtown Mallroom in Kansas City. This was the third time I'd been and things are really filling out. I'm happy to see the new vendors and the fun crowd.

I've seen a couple of these lately - pieces off of the front of old cars or tractors. So fun.

How awesome would this be in my living room?

SRO (Standing Room Only) Video just closed about a year ago. It was a staple in the Waldo neighborhood for years and I loved it - a huge foreign film section and a very tattoo-ed, knowledgeable staff - my kind of place! Amazing how quickly technology has transformed this industry, video really did kill the radio star and the cycle keeps moving . . .

After Cowtown, we checked out a flea market at the City Market. We got there at the tail end of it all, but I ran into The Statuary Guy. Couldn't help but take a concrete skull home for the porch.

The wrought iron bracket came from Hyde Park Antiques, our last stop on the tour.

Dash turned 6 yesterday and the day started with a celebration at school. This, after Dash opened his first present of the day; two African dwarf frogs, which he named "Tod" and "Tad".

Then it was on to T-Rex to celebrate with family and friends.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sparks is my favorite flea market. It only happens twice a year and I try not to miss it. The people are so much fun including my favorite dealer - so charismatic.

This old tin bathtub was one of the greatest things I saw.

This little camper was so cool.

And we always see people we know at this market. Andy on the right has a booth in the River Market Antique Mall.

I found lots of great mosaic ingredients and a few things for resale. There are always great treasures to be found and the weather was perfect.

Beautiful Arizona

Last weekend, I visited my friends Scott and Jeff in Scottsdale, Arizona. Scott and I took a road trip on Saturday to Jerome, Arizona, a quaint mountain town jammed with amazing shops and artistic inspiration. House of Joy was one of my favorites.

Although the owner wouldn't allow photos inside the shop, there was plenty to see outside. WOW.

And all throughout the town were great little buildings and signs.

Here's a view onto a newly renovated hotel. The ride up made me a little queasy; I'm very afraid of heights.

And on the way to Jerome, we headed through Sedona. The landscape was like being on another planet considering I'm from Kansas.

More great shops. These were tucked into a labyrinth of stairs and passageways.

Here's a scene from a really cool shopping area in Scottsdale where we ate at True Food. It was worth the almost two hour wait!

Scott and Jeff's gorgeous house. They closed on it only days before I arrived and I just can't wait to make a return trip to see the transformation.

Their subdivision only had a few streets that included open spaces with desert landscaping such as this one.

This was one of my favorite homes. I would have loved to have seen the inside.

What an amazing trip!!!!