Thursday, November 29, 2012

Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me

So many great memories of Rocky Horror.  I stopped by a friend's today.  His partner, artist Jeff Parson, has a really cool, bold style.  This mural was on the wall.  Dig.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Eccentric Antique Mall Finds

Nina and I took a trip to Lawrence today to drop off a few mosaics to a fabulous customer and we just had to stop into the antique mall.  We didn't have much time, but I did find a few things:

There is no such thing as too many antique prosthetic legs and/or leg braces.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My New Bathroom Shelf

West Bottoms

I met my new friend Craig down at the West Bottoms today and we hit Rag and Bone, Nook and Cranny, and I did a quick run-through of Liberty Bell.  Scored some cool stuff that I will post later, but here are some of the cool things we saw:

Rage and Bone

This cabinet had a tag on it explaining that it had belonged to an artist who died in a car wreck.

Nook and Cranny

Why did I not buy this lamp?  It is awesome.  Look at that globe shade.


Liberty Bell.  I found an awesome watering can begging for mosaic, two stamp pad tins, and a metal goat.  Dig.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Step Into My Parlor . . .

I met a man named Craig the other day at the River Market Antique Mall.  He has a booth just near mine and has been at the mall for about eight years.  We talked about some interesting stuff and when he showed me pics of his home all done up for Halloween, I knew he was my kind of people.  I like to decorate, but Craig and his partner go ALL OUT!  These pics are from his home, but you can find Craig's treasures at the River Market Antique Mall, second floor, straight ahead, booth on the end of the second row right across from the glass cases.