Friday, October 29, 2010

Need More Cow Skull

This week was nuts - in a good way, that is. Two tables gone in two days which meant some frantic "refluffing" of the space.

Thanks to the dealers from North Dakota who came down and purchased my golden maiden plaster statue that once sat in the bird bath. That didn't stay vacant for long and is the perfect home for the cow skull. Can't have enough if you ask me, sick, I know, right Sharon?!

This cute gray table was supposed to go into the expanded space on Monday, but I needed to get my goodies up off the floor! And excuse the green pics, I know better than to leave my camera at home and have to use the phone.

And for the second table that went, I brought in the great chair I featured recently. LOVE IT! Oh, and I'd like to say hello to a new friend I met at the mall this week. Casey came by and was kind enough to rave about the space. She was digging the monochramatic vibe and the way things were arranged. Thanks, Casey!! Okay, you need to email me because my friends Suzie and Gina DO have lots of old reclaimed wood that would be perfect for your dining room shelves!!!! If you lost my card, call me at 913-302-0690!!!! Thanks for the props!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Like to Paint

Last weekend I got to hang out with some friends. We hit Paola and found this awesome old table.

Love the blackened brass claw feet.

And here's the after. My new favorite charcoal gray with antiquing glaze. I was going to wait until the 1st to move it to the mall, but sales have been great and I sold a table today; this will have to go in tomorrow!!

It has these funky knobby things that were designed to hold a basket. So cool!

And when we got back to KC, we stopped by Suzie's gingerbread house. Love it!

Coming soon to the booth: chunks of this great architectural design. This came out of an old building in Alabama and would be amazing if used whole, but we're splitting it up.

This piece will be styled on top of a table in the new space.

As will this one.

And on to some strange sites in Paola: this spooky statue of Sister Charles is a staple.

And some historic old buildings.

And of course more treasures coming soon!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sneak Preview

I'm starting to run short on time before my space expansion on November 1st at the Mission Road Antique Mall. I needed another piece to display things (and of course, it's for sale)!

I love this beautiful white cabinet I found today. I can't believe I'm saying it, but I'm so happy it's clean and ready to go without any help from me. I love to redo stuff, but I'm already swamped. I also think the cleaner look will be a good compliment to a lot of my funky, banged up finds. The chestnuts n brown sugar candles are ready and there's a cinnamon bun thrown in for good measure. These candles are so yummy!

I love this chair! The springs have sprung and the leather seat is beat to hell. It's a really pretty, really sturdy chair that makes a big statement.

Cool books, a big jewelry box, and I love these little putz houses.

Sweet 16 pic. I've searched in some new places and found great stuff. I'm already staking out my next adventure.

I see lots of scales, but this really large gray one is more rare and there's plenty of room for me to style some stuff on it.

Rusty stool that flips open for storage from one of my favorite sources.

This chandelier will hang from the ceiling. Not sure if it will be in the new alcove or will replace the basket I have hanging in the larger part of my space. So many ideas!

The last couple of weeks in the corporate job can best be captured with the sentiment below. Antiquing helps relieve some of the pressure and takes me to greener pastures, if only for a little while . . .

Monday, October 18, 2010

River Market Antique Mall

Nina and I got out this weekend to check out a sale in the northeast. The house was gorgeous from the outside, an old stone beauty down by the Kansas City Museum. Then we took a detour through the River Market Antique Mall. Swoon.

As usual, wonderful styling inspiration and more booths than ever where the dealers really know how to buy and fluff their stuff.

Some fun Halloween displays . . .

And visit Nina on the Metro level for great pieces like this dresser with marble top. She also has wonderful linens and great mid century treasures.

We missed elle of elle Silverworks on this trip. She's getting ready for Holiday Mart coming this weekend. Good luck on your show, sweetie, but we want our shopping buddy back!!!

And my mom found this great table at a sale a couple of weeks ago. It needed some TLC and a color transformation to go into her kitchen hearth space.

Tah, dah! Dark gray top with Metal Affects legs in blackened bronze, all gone over with antiquing glaze, of course. It works great in the space!

This coming weekend calls for more furniture painting projects to get ready for the move into my expanded space on November 1st. Chestnuts n Brown Sugar candles are on their way from Muscatine, Iowa as I type, I can't wait!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


These great old porcelain letters kind of say it all . . .

They'd be perfect for the space I'm dreaming of at the River Market Antique Mall, but until then, I'll enjoy them for a spell. After all, they are appropriate hanging from a set of old school lockers in my living room.

I ran across this great old needlepoint bench at a sale yesterday. The needlepoint itself is perfect if you ask me - ripped and decrepit.

And I didn't take a picture of the "before", but the legs were a dark, tired old wood.

So I gave them a facelift with charcoal paint and a splash of antiquing glaze. Love it!!! This will go in my new expanded space at the Mission Road Antique Mall on November 1st.

On my daily trip to the hardware store I came across this 1954 Ford. If I had a gazillion dollars, I would love to have a cherried-out old car to cruise around in on the weekends.