Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sneak Preview

I'm starting to run short on time before my space expansion on November 1st at the Mission Road Antique Mall. I needed another piece to display things (and of course, it's for sale)!

I love this beautiful white cabinet I found today. I can't believe I'm saying it, but I'm so happy it's clean and ready to go without any help from me. I love to redo stuff, but I'm already swamped. I also think the cleaner look will be a good compliment to a lot of my funky, banged up finds. The chestnuts n brown sugar candles are ready and there's a cinnamon bun thrown in for good measure. These candles are so yummy!

I love this chair! The springs have sprung and the leather seat is beat to hell. It's a really pretty, really sturdy chair that makes a big statement.

Cool books, a big jewelry box, and I love these little putz houses.

Sweet 16 pic. I've searched in some new places and found great stuff. I'm already staking out my next adventure.

I see lots of scales, but this really large gray one is more rare and there's plenty of room for me to style some stuff on it.

Rusty stool that flips open for storage from one of my favorite sources.

This chandelier will hang from the ceiling. Not sure if it will be in the new alcove or will replace the basket I have hanging in the larger part of my space. So many ideas!

The last couple of weeks in the corporate job can best be captured with the sentiment below. Antiquing helps relieve some of the pressure and takes me to greener pastures, if only for a little while . . .

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