Friday, October 29, 2010

Need More Cow Skull

This week was nuts - in a good way, that is. Two tables gone in two days which meant some frantic "refluffing" of the space.

Thanks to the dealers from North Dakota who came down and purchased my golden maiden plaster statue that once sat in the bird bath. That didn't stay vacant for long and is the perfect home for the cow skull. Can't have enough if you ask me, sick, I know, right Sharon?!

This cute gray table was supposed to go into the expanded space on Monday, but I needed to get my goodies up off the floor! And excuse the green pics, I know better than to leave my camera at home and have to use the phone.

And for the second table that went, I brought in the great chair I featured recently. LOVE IT! Oh, and I'd like to say hello to a new friend I met at the mall this week. Casey came by and was kind enough to rave about the space. She was digging the monochramatic vibe and the way things were arranged. Thanks, Casey!! Okay, you need to email me because my friends Suzie and Gina DO have lots of old reclaimed wood that would be perfect for your dining room shelves!!!! If you lost my card, call me at 913-302-0690!!!! Thanks for the props!!!

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