Sunday, October 10, 2010


These great old porcelain letters kind of say it all . . .

They'd be perfect for the space I'm dreaming of at the River Market Antique Mall, but until then, I'll enjoy them for a spell. After all, they are appropriate hanging from a set of old school lockers in my living room.

I ran across this great old needlepoint bench at a sale yesterday. The needlepoint itself is perfect if you ask me - ripped and decrepit.

And I didn't take a picture of the "before", but the legs were a dark, tired old wood.

So I gave them a facelift with charcoal paint and a splash of antiquing glaze. Love it!!! This will go in my new expanded space at the Mission Road Antique Mall on November 1st.

On my daily trip to the hardware store I came across this 1954 Ford. If I had a gazillion dollars, I would love to have a cherried-out old car to cruise around in on the weekends.


1 comment:

  1. Love the car, would love to have a rusty old Ford pick-up too, just to go junkin' in...yes, we are nuts...or maybe 'ODD' the letters, it'd be a keeper for my, that's why I kept the letters 'NUT' on my fits!

    Yer candles are on their way, Piper sent them out yesterday, I packed them, so lemme know if any are broken...she'll be callin' ya for a credit card number...see ya sista(odd)...

    nut word verification was SKULLIST...ha!
    OMG was about scarey!!! Let's try this again...