Friday, September 17, 2010

New Goodies!!!

I stopped off at a couple of my favorite haunts recently and picked up some more goodies for the booth.

The brass lighting pieces were from a chandelier and look kind of goth hanging over the side of this old pram. And speaking of the pram, I have some tricks up my sleeve for a Halloween display that may be too over the top for Mission Road. River Market Antique Mall, watch out, my wheels are spinnin' (one project at a time, Kelly, one project at a time)!

Antlers, anyone?

And here are some shots from the booth with everything in place. When I walked in, everything had been stripped off of my vanity, but putting it all back together again was fun and I did some rearranging.

My new golden maiden looks great hanging out in the birdbath and the chalk horse and cauldron full of antlers on the farm table are a good Halloween asthetic; not sure how I'm going to explain that after Halloween since that's just me 3-6-5!

Doll baby head under glass, anyone?

Stay tuned for pics of my Grey Gardens party!!! I don't call by blog and business Eccentricities for nothin' baby.

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