Saturday, January 18, 2014

More Projects

I needed a break after having the foyer tiled and the master bath redone last year.  Not sure I'm ready, yet, but more projects are scheduled to begin in a couple weeks.  First up, some popcorn removal and painting.  This is the upstairs hallway.  I've changed out the light fixtures and now there are big rings around the ceiling where the old ones were. 

 Some of it's even peeling off the ceiling.


 The yellowish beige paint in the hallway is getting a makeover.  Some shade of gray, I am sure.  Maybe the same Anonymous by Beher that's in the master bath.  The carpet on the stairs is on the list when I can get to it - hardwoods throughout, eventually!

The stairway merges into the foyer and is in for new paint.  The basketball size hole in the drywall is new.  My husband fell down the stairs and this is where his shoulder went.

I'd love to change out the metal banister and railing soon.

Another shot of the foyer.  This awful texture is getting smoothed out and painted.

This is gray, not blue like it looks here.

The upstairs bathroom needs a makeover and it's on the list for 2014/15.  Nice broken, plastic blinds!

Builders mirror.

Familiar shell sinks.

And of course, plenty of carpet.

We liked the toilet in the master bath so much, we put one up here and in the downstairs half bath.  The tile has got to go.

This shower curtain by Thomas Paul is the inspiration for the bathroom redo.  I'm still putting the pieces together on Pinterest.

 I'm already picking a few accessories, including this antique shell mirror.  I'm considering fixtures in brass.  Not shiny brass, but heavy looking ship brass that takes on a patina over time.  Not sure I can pull that together on a reasonable budget, but we shall see!