Thursday, April 14, 2011

In Bloom

Spring is my favorite time of year. Check out the birdhouse, made by my friend Piper. It's in a tree outside of my front door and seeing it every day makes me smile.

The plants are coming in well. It's hard to believe they'll be okay over the long, dead winter. Come on roses!!!

I planted my pansies in mid March. They don't mind a light dusting of snow.

Japanese maple.

No real chickens like at Sharon's here; mine are concrete.

I haven't had a solid antiquing spree in a long, long time. Going to a huge flea market in a couple of weeks so plenty of new treasures for the booth coming soon!!!

1 comment:

  1. Boy do I hear ya Goth...been as poor as a church mouse this year, but I'm hopeful as always...we are going to start a mini mall at the candle shed, I think I have space for maybe 15 vendors, but in our depressed environment, it may be a struggle, but I'm still hopeful our town will come alive has to start somewhere right!!!

    Piper is really going to town on the birdhouses, I love the skulls 'Love Kills Slowly', she's doing etsy too, she's as productive(and broke) as her momma, but boy do we love what we do!

    Wish I was going shopping with ya!!!