Sunday, June 5, 2011


We really missed Spring this year. A few weeks ago, it was so cold outside I needed a blanket to watch an outdoor soccer game, and this weekend, it was nearly 100 degrees. We did manage to take a quick spin through the Prairie Village Art Fair despite the heat.

I loved this pottery by Nathan Falter. Wonderful crazing and the black and white - so cool!

This artist had a great use of pattern in her work.

This textile art was inspiring.

Loved this crate-turned art installation.

And it's all in the way you package it. This fun jewelry was showcased in some pretty amazing cases.


  1. Those jewelry cases are so cool.......

    I have been saving plumbing stuff for an outdoor shower, I'll be happy if it looks like that!!!

  2. I am such a sucker for pottery, especially at art fairs, we used to have a really cool art fair on the river front, but the city screwed with it trying to make it better and TOTALLY ruined the whole atmosphere...and they wonder why Muscatine is dying...

    Goth seems to be Brandon's main squeeze or is it lay(a lil' chicken play on words)they totally follow each other everywhere...too cute!


  3. I LOVE Nathan's work. Ive been picking up a new piece from him each time I see him. My coffee mug that I leave at Latteland is the #13.

  4. Loving the Nathan Falter creations! It is over 100 degrees daily here now too so the Flea Markets have dried up and many of my fav Shops will be closing for the Summer... *sob*

    Dawn... The Bohemian