Sunday, June 5, 2011


We really missed Spring this year. A few weeks ago, it was so cold outside I needed a blanket to watch an outdoor soccer game, and this weekend, it was nearly 100 degrees. We did manage to take a quick spin through the Prairie Village Art Fair despite the heat.

I loved this pottery by Nathan Falter. Wonderful crazing and the black and white - so cool!

This artist had a great use of pattern in her work.

This textile art was inspiring.

Loved this crate-turned art installation.

And it's all in the way you package it. This fun jewelry was showcased in some pretty amazing cases.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Scenes from the Boulevard Brewery, Kansas City, MO

Last weekend, we finally toured the Boulevard Brewery. This is our beer of choice, and their facility is amazing.

They don't barrel-age all of their beer, but some of their specialty line is put through this process. Double Wide is one of my faves.

The whole place looked kind of like a funky, ultra contemorary loft, complete with giant steel vats of beer.

Paying hommage to some inspiration. I knew KC had an old hotel called the Muehlebach, but I didn't know they brewed beer.