Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Craptastically Yours

It's fun to go treasure hunting and find off-the-wall, really bad stuff like this "Elvis" bust.

Barb's Bargains.

 Painted shells.

This old cash register was really cool.  There were some tickets still attached and it was hard to tell what kind of business it was used in - maybe a gas station?

That's it!  Elle should have been a nurse.

My grandmother and aunt had these exact glasses when I was growing up and my aunt drank Dr. Pepper out of them.  I used to love to watch her put her makeup on and smoke cigarettes.

This gypsy boy and girl are headed to the Mission Road Antique Mall.

 As is the biscuit tin.

Cool little garden bench or shelf.

I loved the beat up nature of this cherb mirror.

This tin is destined for a "pinup" mosaic.

I was in desperate need for buttons and found some jars.

Future chalk holders for mosaic chalk boards.

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