Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kansas City Symphony 44th Annual Designer Showhouse

I'm happy to be featuring my mosaic art (found HERE), at the 44th Annual Designer Showhouse in Kansas City.  My wares will be for sale in the boutique in the carriage house.  I took a trip there today to speck it out and snapped a few photos of the outside.  For a multimillion dollar house, it had a really crappy backyard.  There's a pool and lots of asphalt.  It will be fun to see how the designers transform this space.

This is a shot from the backyard courtyard.  I like the second story balconies.  That light is another story . . .

Another shot from the backyard.  This is just one small part of this large home.

Another shot of the backyard.  I wasn't kidding when I said there was a lot of asphalt back there.

Here's a view from the front.  I like the brick, but f it were mine, I would have to ditch the hunter green shutters in exchange for a nice shade of gray!

There's a nice fountain in the front that I'm sure will be going full steam by the opening.  I can't wait to see it in all its glory.

Here's the house across the street.  When the trees are in bloom, I bet it's hard to see from the street.

Here's the one next door.  It looks too new to be original.  Sometimes in this area, someone will pay millions of dollars for a lot and tear down the old house to build a new one.

Another neighbor.

I'd take any of them!


  1. Oh how cool. What a great opportunity.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me some great advice and kind words.

  2. Oh my gosh, those houses are beautiful. Good luck. I am your newest follower.

    Soul Wishes