Friday, February 18, 2011

Mash Handmade

I was in Westport recently picking up an outfit for Brendan at Boomarang, and I stopped into Mash Handmade. This awesome shop on 39th and Pennsylvania offers wonderful locally-grown, national and international handmade art. Yeah!! Below, an artist near and dear to my heart, Miss Taylor Triano.

Her talent with textiles is amazing and of course, I had to take one home.

A friend of Taylor's makes these great, soft, stuffed monsters under her company name, "Monstrosities". So fun!

This artist did amazing things with pipe cleaners . . .

She even recreated the Happy Meal TOY!

I loved the vibe of this little shop. The owner was so friendly and fun and the way she styled these pieces was terrific.

Great inspiration all over the place has me itchin' to get home to my studio (basement).

The next time you're in the market for a special gift for a friend or when you want to treat yourself, pick something up at Mash Handmade and support the arts and a local shop!


  1. what a great shop -all fun and unique stuff- so glad you shared...