Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I took a trip to Lexington, Missouri today, about an hour outside of KC. I would have loved to have driven around more because there was a lot to see. Check out this fantastic house.

The shops I visited were all on Main Street, a quaint strip with lots of red brick buildings.

I started out at Blackthorn Antiques. I didn't take any pics, but they had a terracotta late 1800's statue of a devil hunched over a sleeping, naked maiden that I would have loved to have bought for Jason. The owner, Nancy, was great, and told me they had checked into putting it in an auction at Sotheby's. Needless to say, it was out of my price range! I then visited the Velvet Pumpkin and picked up some cool things. These pics are from the Missouri River Antique Company. Another great shop with a great owner, Sue McGraw.

Sue made this birdbath - I love the doll head!

Here are some pics of what I brought home. This fabulous wreath came from the Velvet Pumpkin.

I hit the mosaic mother load at the Missouri River Antique Company!

I love these old tin pieces that were once part of drawer pulls and other hardware elements.

These flowers were some kind of chalkware and will adorn the top of a birdhouse - I can't wait to get started!

Hood ornament.

I can always use more old keys . . .

This won't go into a mosaic, just really liked it.

This is the only thing I really bought for resale. I think this will go over great at the River Market.

These silver toned vases look like Aspen branches. I love them as is and don't think I'll even put anything in them.

My awesome new plaster cherub piece from the Missouri River Antique Company looks right at home in the foyer. It was in the bathroom, so I'm glad I had to make a pit stop!

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  1. Just love all your fun posts about the antique stores. Such great finds!