Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nothing Says Love Like Bugs

Seven years ago today, I married Jason Aaron. Does he know how to please a girl or what? Ahhhhhhh . . .


  1. Happy Nannyversary Cupcake!! OK and you too Jason!! Got any big plans? Get your basement time in before you can go play, now. Did I ever show you the scorpion that climbed in my ear and bit me in the middle of the night on ST. George Island? I have the little bastard in a jar. I guess he peeked in my ear and found my head empty and got pissed and bit me. The nerve and in a gated community no less!!!!

  2. Oh this is great!! LOL My hubby made me a tiny metal Scorpion for my birthday!! one of these days I will get a real one...:)