Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Something Funky This Way Comes

I did some shopping last weekend and came upon some GREAT candlesticks done by Dee Dee Walters, a local KC artist who taught me how to do mosaics. These Trinkets and Treasures candlesticks by Anthropology have been a source of inspiration for many who want to put their own spin on the project.

I decided to give it my own go and here's the finished product, complete with baby head and baby leg.

Now, I want to see Sharon's take which will involve fake blood and a zombified baby doll to be certain!!


  1. Kelly, iam just blown away! I think this is FANTASTIC? Will you be making some to sell??

  2. GOTH DUDE...those are 'you know what'...FANTASTIC...funny thing, I've been buying up all the brass candlesticks at the good will for a project of some sort...heh heh heh...what a great idea!!!

    I just bought the coolest glass pendent off etsy, it has a mass of zombie brains oozing in the middle, I'm gonna make a necklace. I'll post it as soon as my batteries recharge. Grabbed some cool ODD FELLOW stuff at Manleys' yesterday n assorted funeral photos...can a girl have too much fun!!!


    1. I knew it, Tart!!! Well get started, can't wait to see what you come up with and yes, please tell me when you get your zombie brains posted - can't wait to check it out. Oh, and I love Manley's!!!!