Monday, May 14, 2012


We took a Mother's Day trip for the weekend to beautiful, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  I had been hearing about this wonderful town for years and it was fun to finally experience it.

Here's Christy, shop owner of Antique Affaire, where I found some cool mosaic ingredients!!

And we stayed at the haunted Crescent Hotel.  Here's Dash trying to get an electromagnetic read from a ghost!

Gorgeous gardens.


This woman had a museum in town that featured her frog collection.  She got hooked at 5 years old when she got one out of a gumball machine.  Today, the bulk of her collection is packed up, but she and her husband were kind enough to show us the great stuff still on display.  What a wonderful couple.

So many cute little buildings surrounded by stone and fabulous gardens.

These were so cool!!!  Some sort of old hardware displays, maybe?

This tiny log house was amazing.

This shot is from St. Elizabeth's church.

I'm setting my sights on the next quick-trip destination.  Any suggestions?

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