Sunday, July 21, 2013


On a recent trip south, we checked out this antique store in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  I couldn't afford ANYTHING in this place, but it was fun to look.

Two incredibly expensive shops in one!

 Loved the plants outside.

This chandelier looked very "Winterfell".

I am loving these sconces.  They had several and I think these were $2,400 for the pair.

Possibly the most beautiful chandelier I've ever seen.

There are lots of dealers these days who go Europe, fill containers, and have them shipped back to the U.S.  I'm going to France in the Spring of 2015 and I'm interested to see just how high some of these markups are.  These shops were huge, so obviously, somebody can afford to buy this stuff.

All of these insanely expensive antiques were a sharp contrast to the lunch we ate next door - about $6/person!

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  1. What!!! You're going to France! Ever since I started my business, I've wanted to sell french antiques.