Sunday, December 12, 2010

Support Local

Friday afternoon, we headed down to Tipton, Missouri for my first ever auction. We found some great treasures once belonging to a woman named Rosie. Some of her family members were there. I'll post pics later of some of my finds. I was so excited about the whole thing, I forgot to take pics of the event, but here's the car after elle worked her packing magic.

I looked at all of this stuff on the ground and thought "no way". But as usual, elle got it neatly and compactly into the car. The girl's got skills.

I've been stocking the booth with lots of fun finds lately including this funky vintage Santa.

Cast iron boot.

Boys at the swimmin' hole.

Rusty Silver Mountain train.

These vintage shell and velvet pillows are the bomb.

I love this old beaded picture.

The mansion in the pic is actually quilted and puffier than the surrounding landscape.

Reverse painted picture with old wooden frame.

Piano leg.

And nothing says merry xmas quite like velvet paintings of flamenco dancers.

Sales at the mall have been very slow. I'm not sure if this is trend or my stuff just isn't hitting the mark. Please support local businesses and score some unique and special holiday gifts in the process. I'm in spaces 209 and 224 in the Mission Road Antique Mall at 83rd and Mission Road in Prairie Village, KS.

And here's a little holiday glitter from The Curious Sofa . . .

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  1. Love it all...but I'm a glutton...heehee!!!

    Stay warm sista!!!