Monday, March 14, 2011

Brittany, France

I recently caught an episode of Househunter's International on HGTV where a couple was searching for a home in Brittany, France. Actually, I caught it twice, because I watched it once and then made Jason watch it. Brittany is in the north of France and just a short hop across the English Channel from the UK. The couple in the show were only moving 150 miles from home.

Brittany has a rich history with rolling countryside, cobblestone streets, and quaint farmhouses dotted throughout the landscape. Ahhhhhh . . .

The couple in the show didn't pick the farmhouse I would have gone for. If you watched that episode, I liked the charm of the first home that was close enough to walk to nearby pubs, boutiques, and bistros.

But I would have taken any of them!

I do love my house built in 1973 even with its popcorn ceilings and outdated (not in a cool way) bathrooms. When we moved, we had to find a house in the same school district we were in and that's tough on a tight budget, but we did it.

Houses on the Missouri side in areas like Brookside, Waldo, and Hyde Park, have so much more charm, but maybe someday when the birdies have left the nest. (Although after moving Jason's comic book collection, I swore we would never move again. Oh, and there were my boxes and boxes of Broken dishes - okay!).

So will I ever live in a house like these in Brittany, France? Most certainly not, but hey, it's fun to dream and a visit isn't out of the question!

Having spent most of my life in the midwest, I can't imagine living by a beach! Would that be enough motivation to keep me off of donuts?

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  1. Living in a pink shack is about as exotic as I'm gonna get these days, but I love it here and am building my world around it...wait until you see my chicken house...The Hen Hilton...can't wait to get started on it...I may have to take a survey on what color to paint or,huh!

    I saw those baby heads on etsy too funny, great stuff there...check out Gypsy Moon Art her jewelry!!!

    Later Goth...tart

  2. Kelly I'm so glad you stopped by my Blog and left a heartfelt comment about how your Style also evolved. It has given me the opportunity to discover your wonderful Blog and connect with another like-minded Spirit. I had to smile about your Mom's custom shower curtains. *LOL* But I'm sure she loved all that just as we love our eccentricities. *winks* I enjoy Househunters International too and realize how Blessed we are in the USA to have more affordable properties than most of Europe. Sometimes I almost faint at the prices they are paying for virtual ruins! *over half a Mil and there's no roof in one episode GASP* But of coarse it's Europe and so you have LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION so I totally get it. *Smiles* A Historic Chateau in the South of France at any price is a Dream come true IMO.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Hi
    I am A Missouri gal and love the Brookside area also use to go there a lot when someone in the family lived very close to the Plaza.
    I use to love the estate sales in that area.

    I watch that HGTV international home hunters also sometimes and just think who would I run around with way over there? And how far to the closet antique mall LOL