Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Stroll

After temps in the 60's yesterday, it was back down to the 40's today, but that didn't stop us from checking out some antiques at the Cowtown Mallroom and around 45th and Stateline.

These cookie jars were cool, and $200/ea. The woman who owned the shop said a few people had bought them 5 at a time. Wow.

I'm ready for green, green grass, flowers, and some hot temps. Too early for pansies? I hope not because this is the week.

Cool mirror.

Field desk.

I am stocking up on mosaic "ingredients" and picked these up on Etsy this week.

Along with these. I've already put one into a cream and gold double switch plate that I'll post soon HERE on my mosaic blog.

I also found this composite kewpie for my collection.

Another weekend gone. Poof.


  1. i love the little crackled cupie doll. Hope your temps improve soon...we live in AL and the weather is beautiful in the 70's...not to brag...keep junkin', tiff

  2. Love your posts,they're so fun. I'm with ya on being ready for the warm weather!

  3. To reply to your post, we live in Sylacauga, AL. 39 miles south of of Birmingham...small world. Years ago, I did some nursing home consulting in that way when going to Memphis. Thanx for stopping by my blog. Hope you will follow. Tiff