Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FAB River Market Window

I went in to straighten out the booth tonight, and as usual, the windows at the River Market did not disappoint.

I am very excited that my tattered dress form made it to the window!!!!

And here are a few creepy additions to my personal collection.

Got this at the Holiday Mart. It came from a shop called Vintage Rose from Quittman, Arkansas.

Concrete cherub head I picked up awhile ago from River Market where I can always find lots of treasures.

1 comment:

  1. Goth...
    OMG girl yer killin me with all this great stuff, I've just been dying to hit the road and shop, just found 2 old bottles of ick to kill screw worms, oh yeah...but boy are we having fun redoing the store, people are curious and are starting to come in to check it out...SWEET...I found the perfect cupboard up at Sisters' for my Day of the Dead shrine, must get more artifacts for it...more strange...and the Madame Talbot posters just came in...TO DIE FOR!!! Piper is posting the shit out of it on her facebook page and everyone is reading it...who knew...!

    BTW...I have to tell you that I think of you every day as Goth trots out of the coop LAST...she always stops and takes a few bites of feed before she comes out...don't know why, but it's a hoot. I also think she's the hen that's not laying every day...she's holding out on me...and RUNS from Louie every time he comes near her...a hen after my own heart...ha!!!

    Love your knottyfingers...I'm gonna go to etsy and checkum out, TOO FUNNY..LOVE the straight jacket!!!

    Take care sista...