Monday, October 3, 2011

My Hillbilly Husband

Yes, folks, that's correct, right here in the heart of Prairie Village, Kansas. Eat your heart out, Tony Moore.

Here's a sweet pic of Dash in his soccer get-up just about 30 minutes before he went stomping off the field in tears proclaiming, "I never want to play soccer ever again in my whole life!" A star athelete has got to get his start somehow.

And a Halloween vignette. My favorite time of year.


  1. Goth...
    That lil' Dash is just adorable...and poppa, well, nuff said, it is what it is...ha!!!

    I took a stroll through the Spain pics and OMG...too die for...especially that beautiful portrait of Kelly...what a beauty, looks like you're a native, not a tourist!

    Glad you're home!!!


  2. Now I see Jason likes big guns with funny colours ;)

    And great halloween vignette, we hope you´ll have a nice "trick or treat"!