Thursday, December 29, 2011

Catching Up: My Latest Eccentricities

One of our friends, Rich Greenwood, recently did a Facebook post about his aunt's great art. Denise Greenwood's creations just spoke to me and a I've now started my collection. Already setting my sites on the next one. Her work can be found on her website HERE.

Took a trip today with Elle and Nina and was pretty sad about the outrageous prices until I came upon this. It is now hanging above the toilet in my half bath. Not sure that will be the permanent home, but the idea is to create the half bath of medical oddities, so this will fit in great.

See what I mean about the prices????

They did have some fun stuff.

Loved these.

Chalk figurine appearing to pinch her own tit, very interesting.

Changing gears again - we've lived in our house for about 2 1/2 years now and we knew we couldn't have wood fires in the fireplace because it's not tiled for it. We thought we could have gas logs, but the guy at the fireplace store explained the vented ones wouldn't work with the improperly tiled chimney, either. Bummer.

I hated that we'd have this gaping space and be unable to use it.

Then he told us about ventless logs and whah lah, I am very excited.

Am I really complaining that the temps in KC have been around 55 so I'm unable to use these? I will be really sorry about a month from now.

One more random post. My inlaw's were in town for the holiday and I got MJ set up as a nightlight in my mother-in-law's room. Isn't it cool that she loves creepy baby dolls as much as I do?

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