Saturday, December 3, 2011

Painting Projects

We've lived in this house for about two and a half years now and I just wasn't sure what to do with the chandeliers in the foyer and dining room.

I'm not down with the brushed nickel look and they just didn't fit my style.

I also don't have thousands of dollars to spend. I kept falling back to a Frenchy look (of course), and this one from Ballard Designs is just right.

The reviews are all really good, but the one thing consumers keep saying is why the thick, black cord?! They show a nice clear one on the website (above), but I knew this is what I would get.

Why design such a nice piece and then pair it with a thick, black, ugly cord?

Being the master of all things grey and cream, I was easily able to match the chandelier color and paint the cord, but it was a little aggravating. Ballard Design, if your listening, don't half-ass it; do it right and use clear cords.

These aren't up yet - I need wire strippers and am not sure how I'm going to navigate the foyer since I have to practically be on the top step to reach - I am deeply afraid of heights! I'll start with the dining room and take it from there, or not. I may have to hire it out. Switching gears, I did use a little color this week! Nina and I painted Elle's new studio. Here's the before with some swatches that didn't make the cut . . .

Elle settled on this rich lilac and pretty blue. We'll go back next week and complete the trim in a toasty cream.

After . . . Really pretty and bright!

And I had to snap a pic of one of my switch plates in Elle's bathroom. So fun!

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