Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hoop Dog Studio

I've blogged before about artist extraordinaire, Lori Buntin. I recently visited the wonderful space that she and her partner, Cathryn, have created right in the middle of midtown, Kansas City.

So much space and so many fabulous things to see. These pics were shot in their garden where they grow everything from carrots to blackberries.

You can even find chickens in this paradise! Anna, are you hearing this?! Complete with chicken bleachers where you're invited to sit a spell.

I was warmly greeted by the likes of Tina Turner and Dot. Besides all the fresh veggies, Lori and Cathryn have farm fresh eggs and bread.

And the indoor space is just as wonderful, minus the chickens.

And packed with whimsical art.

I don't usually take pics of people's bathrooms, but I couldn't resist.

And there's more; the studio space is huge. If I lived anywhere near midtown, I would have to have a space here.

And Lori's work is always amazing . . .

Thanks to Lori and Cathryn for the tour of your wonderful studio, garden and living space on 33rd and Troost and for the artistic inspiration.


  1. Wow! There are so many things in their yard and studio I would love to explore. I don't have bleachers, but I do have a swing for two! It's usually me and one of the girls on the swing! If Cathryn and Lori are as interesting as their stuff, they would be a great addition to any party! Will you be chicken shopping soon?

  2. I love your blog from start to now!

  3. WOW...girl, you fit right I don't feel so bad about my growing yard collection...stuff left over from the move...but if my neighbors tolerate my pink house, guess they'll deal with the piles...they ain't seen nuttin' yet...ha!