Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eccentricities at the River Market Antique Mall

As if I didn't have enough going on, busy with my family, a full time job, selling mosaics in several places, the antique space at Mission Road Antique Mall . . . so why not a space at the River Market?!

I went down last Tuesday to talk with the manager about a space and boom - one week later I had purchased some stuff and set up shop. So much sitting on the floor! I obviously didn't have time to find more tables.

Found some awesome spats! Gray felt and a heavy canvas kind.

Reverse painted jewelry box.

Paper mache bunny.

And I'm really excited about this. I filled a minnow seine with dead bulbs plus a live one connected to a socket. Very funky.

Art deco clock.

This set of scales is heavy

Just couldn't pass up this old bank window.

These are straps that fit under the horse's belly to hold the saddle on. The technical name escapes me, but I thought they looked really cool!

These old laundry baskets are super cool.

Already getting into that Halloween mood - it won't be long. And my mannequin didn't sell at Mission Road, way too strange, but she'll fit in just right here at River Market.

I'm consolidating my two spaces at Mission Road to one and will hopefully be moving some shelving and tables into the River Market to get my stuff up off the floor! Sure wish I could spend my days in search of more cool stuff!

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  1. OK sista...now let's back up here a minute, weren't you just telling me sumthin about taking a breather...ADDICTION...know what I'm sayin'...LOL!!! That's the way I feel about doing the Junk Asylum...we just can't make it stop!

    Gonna be doin some whoop-ass on Mr. Big(Brandon), he lunged at me today, he's so protective of the girls...the other rooster gives him a wide birth too, but this ol hen made him try on a flip flop for size...can only imagine what my neighbors must think, me herding the flock with a push-broom(coyote on a stick)...a day in the life...heehee!!!