Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Great Escape

Today was a super shitty day at work. But dealer work night at River Market gave me a chance to unwind.

This is a Lamoureux Mannequin. They were made in the 30's out of human hair and plaster. I just love her face.

Porcelain letters say it all . . .

Fab Flamenco pics in what else? Velvet, of course.

Last week, this suitcase housed another mannequin. She was so pretty, but collected dust at the other mall I'm in. She lasted for about an hour at the River Market.

I am digging these tiered plant stands. It's actually made up of two quarter round pieces.

Very chippy, vintage flower cart. Reminds me of something I'd see in Mary Poppins.

I couldn't resist this coin changer.

If you click on the pic to blow it up, you'll see that this is indeed a casket locking key. Tough not to hold on to this one.


Yes, that's a Juice King.

I'm sure if I had an entire store to buy for, stock, and style it would seem like a job, but for now, having two small spots in two malls is just what the doctor ordered for the stress.


  1. SWEET...it's just so hard sometimes...right, but at least we know how to play!!!


  2. Sometimes the SH*T hits the fan, my blog friend & antique and junk help us unwind...many don't get it...but for those who do...de~stress with the junk! Tiffany

  3. Yes everything is so hard now days

    however playing with our treasures and junk does destress me a little

    I gave up the mall booths a couple years ago and people just don't get it in my area ( Columbai Mo) i mean the revamped thing recycled etc

    next time I am up in the city I will check out your booths