Saturday, August 13, 2011

Funky Junky

I've picked up some fun stuff lately, including this rubber French gas mask. I knew when I bought it that my husband wouldn't let it go to my antique mall booths.

I was bored with the entryway table I had and replaced it with my little gray vanity. I'm really excited!

Another thing I knew wouldn't make it to the mall. Jason loves antique pics of men with crazy beards. A premonition of how he'll look someday!

I'm collecting class pics and pics of fraternities, sororities, high school bands, etc. This is the graduating class of 1946 at a local KC institution, Pembroke Country Day School.

This class includes Don Hall of Hallmark Cards.

Fun pillow I picked up at Jane Hosey-Stern's awesome store, Junque Drawer Studio in Olathe at College and Ridgeview Road.

Many Catholic families had a sick call outfit in their home so when someone was circling the drain, the priest could come in and perform last rites. Once again, I knew Jason wouldn't let it go.

Some new styling of the mantle, although I am not ready to change out my pic of the old, unknown couple.

More class/group pics. I was saving these for the bedroom, but have them in the kitchen for now.

Got a couple from Donnie Volkart, my favorite dealer at River Market who has since gone to Uncommon Objects in Austin. Good luck, Donnie!

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