Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bluebeards History House Antique Gallery

Nina, Elle, and I visited some fun places in and around Garnett, Kansas today, including Bluebeards History House Antique Gallery. Here's the proprietor, Gary. He was a really good sport when I asked him to pose with this "bed and douche" pan.

And a breast pump . . . what a guy!!!! He made our trip really fun and his shop was full of amazing things.

Reverse painted silhouettes. Man, is somebody ever nuts about these! Were they part of a private collection? I could never sell my chalk kewpies! Not while I'm alive, anyway.

Really heavy iron marking for giant boiler from 1923.

Loved this iron rabbit.

Gary said the women carved into the arms of this furniture each had slightly different faces. Ahhhhh . . . to live in a time when things weren't pressed out of some cheap mold in China.

Be sure to visit Gary at History House on the square in Garnett - great prices and Gary will pose for pictures with all kinds of fabulous stuff!!!!

Sights from around town.

So many stately old homes. I wonder for whom they were built? What was the economic staple in Garnett that drew the wealthy folk?

We couldn't resist a pic . . .

Monday, July 25, 2011

Booth Change Up

I stocked the booth with some great stuff over the weekend, including this petite concrete cherub birdbath.

Great men's dress form, chocolate velvet riding hat . . .

I love these old cameras - such style!

I fell in love with this seltzer bottle and then read about their appeal in the latest Romantic Homes magazine.

Chippy metal finial, brass door knocker, rusty hot water faucet . . .

I just can't shake my love of chalk.

This old mirror is HEAVY and has just the right amount of wear.

These treasures can be found in my booth spaces at the Mission Road Antique Mall on 83rd and Mission Road in Prairie Village, KS. Starting September 1st, I'm consolidating into one space in hopes of scoring a spot at the River Market Antique Mall north of downtown, Kansas City. Here are some scenes from my favorite booths at both spots:

Gail Tritten is fabulous. I bought the Victorian girl's school picture for my bedroom redo!

I covet this bust - so unique.

This table was full of old milk glass dental trays - very cool.

Gail's booth at the River Market . . .

And how sad was I when I rounded the corner on the third floor only to find Donny Volkart's space nearly empty? I figured he was at Round Top or something, but when I went down to the front desk, I discovered he had gone to Austin - off on a new adventure and is doing great. I wish him luck but can't help but be sad for me!

Fervere Bread Company

Fervere Bread Company located at 17th and Summit in Kansas City, Missouri, has great bread and a fabulous old-world feel. We were lucky to jump in just in time to buy the last loaf!

For those in Kansas City, if you don't want to chance it, they do take call-in orders!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I Heart St. Louis

We took the kids to St. Louis over the weekend for a very mini vacation. These were the views from the hotel restaurant.

We went to The City Museum a few years ago and there were all sorts of new sights this time around.

This place is more like an incredible, giant playground than it is a museum.

Jason and Dash crawled through every one of the planes and buses encase in the giant outdoor sculptures.

All the rooftop structures were new. Can you believe I actually went inside of the bus that's hanging off the roof?! YES, I am quite afraid of heights! Jason and Dash rode the Farris wheel, but there is no way I could have done it.

My family crawling through wire cage tunnels.

And lots of funky nooks and crannies of the museum to explore.

Sunday was the zoo.

We were able to pet the stingrays.

This zoo is over 100 years old and so much thought and artistry went into the architecture.

Busy weekend, but so much fun!