Sunday, June 27, 2010

Georgia Peach

I started out with a few scents of Sharon's fabulous hand-poured soap, made at the Pink Chateau in Muscatine, Iowa.

But my collection is expanding and now includes Georgia Peach, Vanilla Lavender, and Brown Sugar Fig. I sold some Georgia Peach before I could even get it on the shelf.

And the original scents that include giant lavender chunks, tangy citrus-tinged Love Spell, and French lilac are flying off the shelves.

And I had the chance to see some homes this weekend that reminded me how much I enjoy others' design styles. Check out this garden!

I love concrete birdbaths.

And that was just the outside. The inside was full of wonderful pieces.

Chippy brass bed.

And whimsical light fixtures in every room.

I would love to turn an antique table or dresser into a functional vanity for the bathroom.

Some would call it dated, I call it classic.

Signed photo of Truman.

A white wall and simple silhouette are the perfect backdrop to the red shutters.

I spent much of the weekend on the patio repainting an antique dresser. Pictures coming soon.

1 comment:

  1. I love the way you have them displayed, I sometimes use those glass jars, I think they look really ol'timey...I'll be home making soaps for the next two days have two orders, one for 10 batches and one for 8...I'll be blowing bubbles, but damn is my house gonna smell great!!!

    I just bought 4 used double, hung, white vinyl clad 21"x4' windows for the new shop slash garage...$30.00 each at the Salv. Army...what a score...they also have grids and screens. My carpenter will love me, much easier to install, cause he'll have his hands full with my doors...heehee...

    later seester