Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekend Fun

I brought a few of those estate sale goodies into Amaze today. Aren't these the greatest little child's boots?

I'm a sucker for velvet-lined jewelry boxes.

This bible is inscribed to Cora from Father and Mother at Christmas time, 1919. Most kids I know would feel they totally got the shaft if their parents gave them a bible for Christmas, but those were simpler times, to say the least.

Fabulous rusty, metal trays.

And I had never seen ice skates like these that fastened onto the soles of your shoes.

I heart old kewpie dolls and vanity sets.

Cute metal box and hankie.

And Jason and I went to a venue in KC called Knuckleheads for the first time last night. It used to be a flop house turned biker bar. Perfect.
The place sits right beside train tracks and it was so fun to hear those whistles blow during the show. Did I mention that Marcia Ball was fabulous?

Seats up top.

And the awesome Elle Binder. Yes, she created all of the amazing jewelry she is wearing.

And, of course, she has the coolest boots ever.

1 comment:

  1. I used to have boots just like that back in the day...before my feet turned into size 11, I think crocs make a boot...right???

    What great stuff and awesome bar...BTW, I cracked up at your husband's old chair...hey, we do what we do until it's time...and boy was it time...the new one is adorable...CS just has the best stuff...think I'll wander over there next, while I'm waiting for my soaps to brew...I'll ship out in the morrow!

    I survived the storms, but am watching the radar before I go to Coal Valley...heehee, eat yer heart out!!!

    See ya seester...