Thursday, June 10, 2010

Evolution of a Space Part 2

I spent another evening at Amaze bringing in the vanity and an old farm table and trying to get things up off of the floor.

And I found a place for my tumble weeds! I used dried naturals, like the reindeer moss, to add some textural interest and a subtle pop of color. I love a monochramatic palette and color is hard for me. I would rather add dimension through texture.

This English pewter tea set has so much character.

And I am digging my baby doll door stop.

I got a couple more pieces stuck on the wall but all of it will need to be rearranged once I finish painting the tall chest of drawers and move it in.

And I'm sure I'll always be tweaking and fluffing as I find more treasures and add them to the mix.

As predicted, Sharon's yummy soaps are a great addition. I'm glad I kept a few bars at home for myself!

1 comment:

  1. WOWZA!!!Girl, what a transformation...are ya havin' fun yet...I'm totally diggin' the baby head too, are we sick in the head...YUP!!!

    Latah sistah...