Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Charming Tea Party

I went to Dawn's today for a tea party.

It was fun catching up with the girls and having a little Earl Grey.

I hadn't ever met Erin before; what a cute chic.

Dawn and Eve. Eve makes a mean crumpet.

I loved seeing one of my "naughty" magnets on Dawn and Steven's fridge.

Speaking of fridge, Steven modified this one himself, of course, for his home brew.

I covet Dawn's side table.

On the way home, I took a detour through the Waldo Antique Mall. One dealer, Andrew Turner, had scads of oil paintings from an estate that were fabulous. I had to have this one.

These were so fun in their campy way and I admired that someone with less than traditional artistic talent enjoyed painting as a hobby.

I can spot chalk a mile away and it's hard for me to pass it up.

What a grand bird house. I would have to paint it French grey.

And I took home this old gent, too, mainly because he reminded me of somebody.

1 comment:

  1. What a hoot...girl you never fail to make me the portrait...AND EVERYTHING ELSE...but then, who wouldn't.

    What a sweety, your hubby and talent toboot!!!

    Later seester...(got your packages)