Sunday, July 4, 2010


I recently took a trip to Dreamworld, a fun shop in an old house at 110 Poplar in Olathe, Kansas. I knew when I walked up and found this chippy urn at the base of some stairs that I was going to have fun in this place.

I can't get enough of old concrete garden statues and there were plenty of them at Dreamworld.

This broken concrete finial now adorns my back patio.

Someone bought this great blue birdbath while I was there and said she was going to paint it. Nooooooooo!!!! Perfect as-is if you ask me.

How about this old table? I've been contemplating my next vehicle purchase so that I have room for finds like this.

Several old doors were scattered about outside.

And there were many treasures lurking indoors as well.

The owner is a woman after my own heart.

She paints her own furniture. I just loved this chunky green piece.

I could kick myself for leaving without this birdhouse. I may have to go back for it. I actually thought about covering it in mosaic; my largest birdhouse yet.

This old youth chair could double as a rusty plant stand for the garden.

Stately gent.
Tarnished salt and pepper shakers.

And I finished up the dresser I was painting for Jane. Here's a before of the drawers and mirror.

And after with the ivory and antiquing glaze. I'll take another pic when I get the piece moved to Amaze and the mirror attached.

And I've had this little nightstand for years. I painted it white long ago and it was more banged up than distressed.

So I gave it a fresh coat of robin's egg blue and crystal knob. This is going to Amaze today.


  1. Hey Missy...I'm startin to see a pattern here, I'm lovin your style of painting...very my Grandson would say...heehee!
    Love the robin's egg blue too.

    Every thing I bought the other day at the Junk Asylum is staying as is, for one thing, I'm tired of painting(for a while)and they are cool just the way they are...can't wait to start putting my shop together, what a blast that will be!!!

    Got your bird houses all packed and will ship out tomorrow...later gater...s

  2. Oh yeah,you gotta go back and get that bird house!!

  3. found your blog from a search for dreamworld. love that place and i'm so excited to have it close to me in downtown Olathe. Love your blog and I share you passion for old stuff!! hope to visit your boutique soon! :)