Thursday, July 29, 2010

My New Space!!!!!

Well, my space in the Mission Road Antique Mall has been assigned and I'm ready and raring to go!!! It's HUGE!! 10 x 12 - about the size of my dorm room at KU that I had to share with another girl. I am so excited.

This isn't my stuff, of course, but the dealer here has left me with some good karma with all of her cool things. I had to take home one of her vases.

The hard walls on three sides are perfect and my wheels are already spinning about what's going to go on them . . . I will paint them my signature Light French Grey.

And while I was wondering around, I got some inspiration. I love this funky art. I have a large coffee and side tables I'm going to paint this same blood orange and slather with antiquing glaze. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!


  1. Yay Kelly! this is so exciting, congratulations. I can't wait till your set up at the mall and I can come shopping!!

  2. Kelly, You're taste is Amazing!!! I'm in love with your style. Still love your Comments on my shop, read them again today, So Sweet of you. Where have you been lady?!!!! Want you to know my lease is up end of April and not sure if I will relocate or not because I am so busy with my mural painting that It's nuts. The shop is packed though, Come by, Miss ya!!!!!