Monday, November 1, 2010

Chocolate Cabinet

Last weekend's project was to FINALLY paint this glossy cream cabinet. My vision was chocolate brown and I intended to keep it, but I need it for my expanded space in the mall.

Tah dah!!!!! I love the way the chocolate looks against the glass pulls. Whew. Sometimes the execution of my "visions" fall short. One example of that was the branches I tried to hang over the new space today. I didn't know that monofilament was like a fine, clear hair. That was fun to work with. Needless to say, I didn't hang as many branches as my vision initially called for.

This was the inside of the cabinet . . .

And after, covered with old biology book pages. And if you ever need a hardware guy who really knows what he's doing, go visit Carl at the Ace in Corinth. He cut the shelf for me.

And after the comic book store trip over the weekend, elle, Dash and I stopped off to see Leah at Dream World where elle picked up this fabulous gas stove. They don't make em like this anymore!

I'm pooped. I got the new space painted today and some smaller things moved in. Jason will help with the bigger stuff tomorrow. Pics coming soon!!

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