Thursday, November 18, 2010

My New Couch

I'm not trying to brag, really. Our current couch is over 10 years old and if we left it on the curb, no one would pick it up. Well, they might, and then once they sat on it and found out how broken down it was, it would end up back on our curb. Jason and I went shopping the other night and tahhdahhhh!!! A real grown up couch, gee!

This isn't the color we ordered. Ours will be a plain natural linen with big, fat black matte nail heads and black feet. I can't wait!!!!

And it doesn't swallow you up like a sink hole when you sit on it. What a bonus. I just don't know if I can deal with all this change. A couple of weeks ago, we got matching flatware and dishes and traded out the mix of 4 or 5 we were currently working with. And steak knives, too! The last time I had people over for meat, I put butcher knives and meat cleavers next to their plates. Good thing everyone has a nice sense of humor and likes to be our friends, anyway.

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