Saturday, November 27, 2010

Merry Merry

I had to post this pic of Jason and I taken last weekend and Kahn and Kavitha's Madmen party. I'm already thinking of an excuse to wear this get-up again.

And Nina and I had another fun day of junking. There were lots of fun things going on at the River Market Antique Mall. I won a coupon for 20 percent off and picked up some cool stuff. This window made me swoon; I do so love decapitated baby dolls.

This antelope was huge.

And I hit my favorite spots.

This loveseat was very fun and I was tempted to get it for the living room, but I think I need a full size couch for such a large space.

Okay, and here are Nina and Donnie Volkart. I don't know how crazy Donnie was of having his picture taken; he joked about it ending up on Facebook and I gave him a card for my blog. But since I had a pic of him, I just had to post it. I take pics of his booth spaces every time I blog about the River Market Antique Mall. It is my absolute favorite. He has a great eye for styling as well as the stuff itself.

See what I mean? And these carolers weren't in Donnie's space, but I thought they were pretty fabulous.

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  1. Girl, yer killin' me with the taxidermy...and the baby heads...I swoon!!! BTW, that's a reindeer, not an antelope...DUH!!!

    And the Mallroom, what great stuff, how do you cope!!!

    Later sista!!!