Saturday, November 27, 2010

Merry Merry

I had to post this pic of Jason and I taken last weekend and Kahn and Kavitha's Madmen party. I'm already thinking of an excuse to wear this get-up again.

And Nina and I had another fun day of junking. There were lots of fun things going on at the River Market Antique Mall. I won a coupon for 20 percent off and picked up some cool stuff. This window made me swoon; I do so love decapitated baby dolls.

This antelope was huge.

And I hit my favorite spots.

This loveseat was very fun and I was tempted to get it for the living room, but I think I need a full size couch for such a large space.

Okay, and here are Nina and Donnie Volkart. I don't know how crazy Donnie was of having his picture taken; he joked about it ending up on Facebook and I gave him a card for my blog. But since I had a pic of him, I just had to post it. I take pics of his booth spaces every time I blog about the River Market Antique Mall. It is my absolute favorite. He has a great eye for styling as well as the stuff itself.

See what I mean? And these carolers weren't in Donnie's space, but I thought they were pretty fabulous.

The Cowtown Mallroom

Elle and I checked out the Cowtown Mallroom at 31st and Gillham a couple of weekends ago.

This is a cool venue with lots of fun stuff and a great atmosphere with a live band and plenty of good people watchin'. I'd love to get the huge devil hand for Jason's man cave.

Check out the Mallroom 11 - 4 every Sunday.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Smattering of Christmas

I don't go all out for Christmas like lots of folks do, but I have added some pretties here and there in the booth recently, including this great vintage Santa. He is a tiny version of a big, white old mechanical one my Great Aunt LaRue had in her window at Christmas. I was just fascinated by it.

And I love this small little chippy side table.

Great cream tree with hot pink lights. I'm not allowed to use an extension cord at the mall, boo hoo.

And I found this cool wooden beat up box perfect for whatever.

And for some reason, lately I'm just loving these mid century text books. They look so fun stacked in these old gym lockers.

More coming soon including vintage blow molds of candles, santas, and carolers. I have lots of those in my personal collection!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My New Couch

I'm not trying to brag, really. Our current couch is over 10 years old and if we left it on the curb, no one would pick it up. Well, they might, and then once they sat on it and found out how broken down it was, it would end up back on our curb. Jason and I went shopping the other night and tahhdahhhh!!! A real grown up couch, gee!

This isn't the color we ordered. Ours will be a plain natural linen with big, fat black matte nail heads and black feet. I can't wait!!!!

And it doesn't swallow you up like a sink hole when you sit on it. What a bonus. I just don't know if I can deal with all this change. A couple of weeks ago, we got matching flatware and dishes and traded out the mix of 4 or 5 we were currently working with. And steak knives, too! The last time I had people over for meat, I put butcher knives and meat cleavers next to their plates. Good thing everyone has a nice sense of humor and likes to be our friends, anyway.

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Ahhhhh . . . nothing says happy holidays quite like an antique devil head ashtray. When you put your cigarette in his mouth butt first, smoke plumes through the top of his head, just like the real devil. I may just take up smoking. My husband's gonna love it. Merry Christmas, Baby.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eccentricities II at the Mission Road Antique Mall

It's been a busy two days getting the expanded space painted, stocked and styled. Whew. I'm tired, but really excited about the way it came together. I finally have a place to showcase the great black chippy church window I've had for some time now.

And this great little corner cabinet was sitting on top of something else instead of mounted as it should have been. Much better.

My giant basket was hanging across the isle in the first space, but I've replaced that with an old chandelier. The basket looks cool stickin out of the wall. I thought I'd funk up the space with my mannequin, also. Not sure how she's going to go over, but I sure love her!

Suzie and Gina's architectural salvage piece looks awesome on the chocolate cabinet and the burlap draped under it pools onto the floor over both sides. Nice.

I relocated my chalk horse. It will be fun to have so much room on both sides. I can actually squeeze much more in which means more shopping soon! November 9th is dealer work night and the original space needs some TLC. I just didn't have it in me today.

Check out the robin's egg blue cosmetology book from the 60's. It gives tips about being agreeable, having good posture, and keeping hygiene top of mind. Ha!

I wasn't sure about letting go of my gray lockers, but it's fun to keep things circulating. Now my living room is about empty - again.

And these pics aren't from my space, but from a dealer down the way who has some really fun stuff! LOVE this bust!

Thanks to the dealers who stopped by to give me encouragement and compliments as I put everything together. I am having the best time at this mall!!!