Monday, January 17, 2011

Booth Redo

I had a busy day off. Up at the crack of dawn, got Dash to school and then down to the basement for mosaics. I did some really fun hearts that I'll grout this week and put on the other blog. After a nice lunch with Jason, I headed to the mall for a complete redo.

As is typical with a booth space, I bring in new things that are incorporated, but stripping it all down gave me a chance to reorganize.

And just like at home this week, I grouped things. Silver.


All things religious.

Clocks, amber bottles, candles, and silver goblets.


I only have one mannequin, so no grouping here.

I was there for over four hours, was exhausted and at the end, I was just trying to find places for things before the mall closed. But I guess I did get the mirrors in the same area.

There were several times when I had things in such a mess I thought I'd never finish. I know I bitch about it constantly, but I wish they had a dealer work night so I could do spot maintenance every week. At least now, for the time being, I have a fresh start to the new year.

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  1. Hey, it's James from The New Victorian Ruralist. What's your price on the grouping of vintage alarm clocks. Also, the wire piece holding the mannequin? What is it?